Strategic Insight Pays Off

Few marketers - even the most gifted - take the time to convert the growing mounds of data into useful information - much less take the step of turning information into insight that delivers a competitive edge. The internet compounds the crime by multiplying the depth and breadth of data about the interests of site visitors based on the actions taken on your website or in response to your communications.

Members of your target audience respond to your emarketing efforts and yield what we call "actionable insight"--a map of their individual interests and preferences gained through observing the paths the follow online. Learning from their paths can take your organization a step ahead of your competition. We help you gain competitive advantage through our knowledge of this information and how to read it.

  • Trackable eMessage reporting tells you which subject lines motivate your customers and prospects to respond, the basics of how many recipients opened or rejected the message, the topics recipients find most interesting, and their specific information preferences.
  • Site traffic reporting gives you basic activity information about site visitors, their paths through the site and measures conversion success from an eMessaging campaign through site actions. It also measures where your quality visitors are coming from. 
  • Electronic customer analysis merges individual eMessage recipient and site visitor data to reveal a complete picture of specific customers' interactions with your organization.

Measure and take action!