The Internet offers savvy marketers a simple and powerful way to deliver much more insight with less investment of time and money.  Because the behavioral data from web visitors, their actions within emessages, their sessions on your web presence, and every link they click can be captured, informed marketers can access volumes of information to direct marketing efforts. 
However, the fact that so much data is available can be just as daunting to some as a lack of data.  Few marketers today know what insights the information is giving them or what actions they should take based on those insights.
TheRackesGroup offers years of successful experience aggregating, analyzing, and directing marketing refinement based on preferences and actions built into customer profiles.  We help you acquire and use this information through our Trackable eMessaging and eSurvey services.
  • Get results within hours rather than weeks.
  • Target groups based on each visitor's demonstrated preferences.
  • Measure ongoing effectiveness of a single message or complete campaign.
  • Learn new things about existing customers.
  • Refine your message and approach quickly.
  • Deliver significant results to your bottom line
Perhaps best of all, this is one marketing medium where you get much more for less!

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