Content position over color and imagery

Approved architecture can be blended with positioning of focal objectives and presented in a wireframe, or non-graphical positioning image.  The goal of the wireframe is to define optimum location for important types of content without the distraction of color and design. 

A wireframe is constructed for the home and at least one interior content page plus any secondary pages that require unique formatting or serve different audiences.  By separating content positioning from color and imagery, we present a working model that focuses on business objectives.

Content owners often compete for positioning on a page - particularly the top-level pages - producing overcrowded, unattractive pages that confuse application users.   To accommodate this demand, we often recommend adding "marquees" or easy-to-change, designated areas of the home or other top level pages that allow content owners to select several items from within the content to display prominently on the front of the site or unique audience sub-site.
Website content requires a far different mindset than organizing, writing or positioning for other mediums.  Wireframe organization often helps facilitate an organization's perspective from design to content importance.