What differentiates your organization from all the others?

A concept is a string of ideas; an idea is stand-alone direction. An idea is not enough to make a concept. A concept holds many ideas together much like we connect Lego blocks to form a final object.

A creative concept converts the emotional elements of your organization into a series of visual and text features that represent your ideas and organization.  The creative concept is responsible for making your activities, products or services credible and believable.

We start with a client's data, provided in a framework suitable to problem solving of this nature, and a blank sheet of paper. We individually build our lists, our ideas - lists, styles, key words, clusters of thoughts.  We combine them, make them into sentences, and give life to the sentences through pictures.  Then we brainstorm together until we come to a concept we can feel in our collective guts and which we believe can stand up to the credibility test.

Our goal is to convert your vision into a perception of quality, trustworthiness & expertise.

Not always a small feat!