Offer online transaction processing to facilitate donations, event registration, or fees for services.

Is your organization ready to offer secure credit card, echeck and recurring payments online? TRG offers experienced setup and integration with new or existing web applications through its partnership with

TRG supports your fundraising efforts through a cost-effective custom integration with your web presence within just a few days.

  • Online forms match organization brand
  • Contributors are tagged by origin
  • Track transactions to specific events or campaigns
  • Most funds deposited to client accounts within 24-48 hours
  • Branded thank you page and confirming email messages
  • Fund campaigns through loyalty of respondents
  • Capture interest at point of contact
  • Track responses online

Harness the energy of your audience today with real-time, secure online transactions. Whether you choose to just cover campaigns costs or build a war chest, TRG offers a reliable, secure solution.