In today's fast-changing marketplace, comprehensive tools for internet-based market research provide a competitive edge to savvy clients.  

TheRackesGroup enables clients to create and deploy sophisticated surveys with ease, using a high degree of personalization and built-in intelligence for the optimal response rate and result accuracy.
  • Enhance out customer profiles to cross sell or build loyalty
  • Assess the interests of key audience segments 
  • Refine your business intelligence across multiple customers or groups 
  • Analyze business/interest aspects you've not previously considered 
  • Measure change across geography, time or specific conditions 
  • Revise positioning to match audience interest 
  • Eliminate the wasted time and errors related to data entry
TRG surveys allow organizations to rapidly increase their knowledge about a target audience in a non-intrusive manner, helping decision-makers react quickly and effectively to real-time market changes and re-evaluate their decisions with every new piece of business information.