Let your website do the work for you!

TRG's online event registration program allows you to easily and cost-effectively inform your customers about an upcoming event,  invite them to register online to attend  the  event, and even pay online  if the event is fee-based and then provide the organization a complete, exportable database of event registrants to use at the event.  Access your spreadsheet of registrants to see who has registered and watch your bank account and contacts database grow.


  • Choose the amount of information to provide about an event
  • Enable a unique form for each event simply by entering the appropriate information into the event form fields
  • Integrate with online transaction processing to immediately accept fees or sponsorship payments
  • Market the event to your contacts via emails  (link to email messaging within the marketing) and your website by creating attention grabbing text and graphics and then linking to event registration
  • Deliver automatic responses to the registrants to reduce the amount of work you have to do
  • View and download up-to-date spreadsheets of registrants and their information are available at any time
  • Add email addresses of registrants to your master database after each event
  • Archive events indefinitely for future reference

The TRG Event Registration program works for you so you have fewer things to worry about when planning a big event. That's just one more way that TRG has adapted our system to optimize your effectiveness.