TRG offers donor or member management software that facilitates both the organization of and communication with current and prospective participants of all kinds. We call this database extension of our content management system the Contact Profiler. The database resides behind your website and facilitates both on- and off-line management of contacts, members, volunteers and donors. 

The Contact Profiler offers multiple, flexible features allowing organizations to:

  • Develop and manage online and offline financial plans
  • Customize fields and codes unique to your organizational needs
  • Manage donors, contributions and pledges
  • Connect donors with solicitors, tracking most successful lines of contact
  • Keep track of volunteers and canvassers
  • Merge letters and prepare targeted e-mails
  • Enable standard and one-time reports and charts to improve management
  • Generate event, pledge, and volunteer reports
  • Export data for input to QuickBooks™ or other financial management programs
  • Generate filing reports suitable for to meet governmental requirements 
  • Integrate CoD Contact Profiler with your website and key components of your campaign or marketing.

Contact Profiler enhances an organization's ability to extend the its control over multi-source contact activities, follow-up, communication and reporting. Each year, a financial plan can be established setting goals based on multiple fundraising and/or donor-development functions - direct mail, email, events, paid solicitors - with periodic actual-to-plan tracking and reporting. 

Contact Profiler delivers the key elements of highly publicized database management programs in an easy-to-use, flexible configuration without the higher cost of big brand, big overhead applications.

For more information, contact us today at or 803-212-7118.