It's about who you know and what you know about them.

And that's the beauty of the TRG Contacts Module - it allows you to acquire, organize and manage web contacts 24/7. Central to our suite of functional products, Contacts captures feedback from your site visitors, stores it in a central database and reports it back out to you in a variety of preformatted reports. As your visitors return and take more actions, their profile is updated.

Most organizations have one or more lists representing target audiences. However, they often fail to realize that other valuable contact assets reside in their customer databases, sales leads and other customer files. TRG can put those assets to work quickly, helping you gain a potentially high return on these under-leveraged assets.  

  • Subscribe visitors without administrative support
  • Build lists around specific interests
  • Classify contacts by form type (event registrant, job applicant, volunteer)
  • Track the time and date a contact was submitted.
  • Integrate diverse form types within a single reporting interface
  • Enable real-time response data in easy-to-read web reports to authorized personnel from anywhere in the world
  • Export contacts to Excel for integration with your offline databases
  • Reduce the cost of creating and maintaining contact lists through your website

The Contact module is the hub of the TRG system. TRG gives you insight into the actions, interests and schedules of existing contacts and helps you increase frequency and depth of ongoing relationships. While other websites remain passive, waiting for visitors to find them, Campaign Contacts-enabled sites give the website owner the ability to actively acquire information about contacts and deliver content that matches the expressed preference of each group.

And that's not all. Campaign Contacts connects with every module you select--event registration, grassroots advocacy, online transactions--to continually expand the profile of your target audience.