Reach and mobilize a target audience

TheRackesGroup offers a full-featured group of advocacy modules that allow your key grassroots audiences to connect with decision-makers quickly and effectively. Our advocacy system includes establishment on multiple campaigns, decision-maker groups, message suggestion, and online tracking of real-time responses. The grassroots advocacy system can be combined with online fundraising, contact management, surveys, blogs and more. These modules can be installed and configured within a matter of weeks rather than months, allowing TRG clients to commence grassroots advocacy activities quickly and effectively.

Benefits gained by quickly converting your audience's interest into action:

  • Offer easy-to-use web tools for expressing opinion
  • Facilitate connection between audience and the target (email, fax, snail mail, phone) 
  • Suggest appropriate  messages 
  • Offer option of contacting one, many, or all decision-makers 
  • Track response rate by sender 
  • Quantify contacts made with target 
  • Mobilize audiences within hours rather than days 
  • Position opportunities for passionate contacts to spread the word

The TRG grassroots advocacy system is flexible and evolving. As technology changes, we adapt our systems to optimize your effectiveness.